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Hello, my name is Soph and I am the CEO, founder and owner of Empathic Lady. Since I was a little girl I use to connect with spirit and as I grew up my abilities became stronger as I got older. At the age of 17 I received my first pack of Angel Oracle cards and since then my abilities and connection with my guides and angels are stronger. I used to be indecisive about what and who I wanted to be, I wanted to do so many amazing things to just help others but one day I asked my guides what was my purpose on this earth and I got the signs card, spiritual growth and truth and integrity. From that moment on I knew exactly what it was. I asked my angels to comfort and guide me to know where to go and how to do put myself across. Since then I decided to use my abilities in myself and learn so.much more about cards, following my intuition and seeing for myself how I can perfect my craft. By 2012 I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it. That was when empathic lady was born. So if you would like a reading with me please contact me through my website. The type of readings i offer are guidance readings(£30), psychic readings(£35) , both of your choice , i do yearly readings (£65)and monthly psychic readings(£20) also. I also do angel oracle card reading and a psychic tarot reading both ranging in (£25) And if you are only wondering about 1 thing only i do 1 question reading (£10) To get a reading with me i get straight to the point and the situation, get info in why you and others were in the situation in the first place and i get the chance to see what will happen or guide you
I also have made a YouTube channel for everyone to get free highlights from their zodiac sign :So come and get a reading , you wont regret it! You can go to my facebook page to read all the reviews that has been made, here : and to pay for a reading go and click here :
I hope that your interested in this! You can see more about me and you can contact me there and i will be there for you!
Empathic lady, Your Angelic intuitive Psychic Service!

Call Now: 844-214-7891
Call Now: 844-214-7891

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